About Us

Our Mission

MPAS, LLC is privileged to service a diverse client base in the process analytic realm. We strive to listen and learn about our customers’ businesses in order to deliver real value by recommending the best analytical products and supplying committed consulting services that reduce risk and maximize client return on invested time and money.   

Years of Experience!

  • Committed Manufacturers Representation in the Rocky Mountains / Western Plains.
  • Proactive territory management and market growth for our principals: ChromePerfect, Falcon Analytical,Ohio Lumex, PAC Process Analytics and Rigaku.
  • 20 Years of Service on  ASTM D02 & D03 committees, AGA & ISO.
  • 22 years designing, developing and commercializing Analyzers including Gas Chromatographs, UV Vis Spectrophotometers, Tunable laser spectrometers among many others.